Demo 2016

by Windoc

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Demo 2016


released January 1, 2016

Recorded and Mastered by Davis Maxwell



all rights reserved


Windoc Thorold, Ontario

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Steel
this is your mistake
the subject of their hate
and now its too late
for you

what youve done
it cant be erased
youve destroyed
something that we made
worked so hard
now its all gone down
never forgotten
in this small town

its too late
subject of the hate
for what youve done
youl will be erased
too far gone
no one will relate
for what youve done
you will be erased

never can forget the sound that you hear
stops you in your tracks fills you with fear
this will be the day you are revealed
always in your thoughts the screeching ripping steel
Track Name: Martyr
you have two faces feeding lies
upon your throne
martyr cry
end of the day
full of your self
and I’m asking
why I help

dig into a hole
getting so deep
lost all feelings
you swore you'd keep
helping others
you're so concerned
wanna be remembered
when you're in the dirt

keep your crown of thorns
i dont need it
holier than thou

you’re living in a fantasy
thats the difference
between you and me
talk and talk
get nowhere
nothing changes
what happens up there

it starts with us
not with them
cant help the fools
and who really cares
all of those
whove fallen behind
will suffer when
they realize theyre blind

you’ll be the one who pays
for all of those you break
and i’ll be asking myself
what makes you pure
Track Name: Burn My World
victim of society
apathetic unity
we outnumber the petty thieves
you wont stand, you still grieve

is this justice
is this our world
if we stand by
all of this
is theirs
i wont stand by
i wont stand by
i wont

i wont stand by
and watch them - burn my world
Track Name: Enforced Fear
all of your life youre told
wrong and right
but who are those
with any right to enforce
rules upon people
with no remorse

black and blue
what do they do
do they endorse
what they enforce
able to act
however they feel
when the pain sets in
you’ll know its real

the storm
come and gone
the war
never won

our fears
the law